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A Tester Every Restorer Should Own

Heathkit IT-28 #2

by Thomas Bonomo,  K6AD — Lowly Heathkit.  “Gets no respect,” as Rodney Dangerfield might say.  But I’m about to tell you about a piece of Heathkit gear every vintage radio restorer should own:  the IT-28 Capacitor Checker. Sure, I know what you’re probably thinking.  The trouble-free nature and accuracy of modern test equipment is just […]

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“Secret Weapon” Radio Chassis Cleaning

SuperClean CHRS Photo

by Thomas Bonomo,  K6AD — I’d like to share with you my “secret weapon” for radio chassis cleaning.  The dirtier the chassis, the better.  Like many restorers, I’m not a fan of the “dishwasher method”, so I used to clean chassis the hard way:  rubbing with a rag, a Q-Tip, or a soft brush dampened […]

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