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The KPEN Story. Get it soon from CHRS. Or drop into Radio Central any Saturday and ask Steve to see our books, T-Shirts, posters, etc.







New, Behind the Front Panel, just re-released by CHRS. Here is the Amazon Link

New books have just been published by three of our CHRS History Fellows. Bart Lee has just edited and had published the Will Rayment Autobiography. It is described: “Radio Autobiography of Will Rayment from WWII Chief Radio Operator in the Merchant Marine through Sargent Rayment Company and the California Radio and HiFI Industry through the 20th Century.” Will is a CHRS Herrold Award recipient. Order online.

Will RaymentScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.02.35 AM

Two others are also in print: Lee de Forest, King of Radio, Television, and Film, 2012, Springer Science,  written by Mike Adams, and Bay Area Radio, 2012, Arcadia, written by John Schneider, are available from Amazon.

Order “Lee de Forest, King of Radio, Television, and Film” from Amazon (Paper or Kindle)

Order “Bay Area Radio” from Amazon