Board Meeting Minutes

California Historical Radio Society

Minutes of Board Meeting

 April  21, 2012

Held at KRE Conference Room


Mike Adams, Chairman                                               John Staples, W6CF Trustee

Richard Watts,  Treasurer                                           Philip Monego, Director at Large

Steve Kushman, President  (Presiding)                   Scott Robinson, Vice President

Tom Bonomo, Name Badges                                      Jaime Arbona, Secretary

No other attendants or guests.

Called to Order at 12:50 PM

Old Busines

•           Studio A update:  No developments to report.

•           Ham Radio Events:  No one present was aware of any planned Ham events.  Short discussion. Members Bart Lee and Paul Shinn to be contacted for updates.

•           CHRS Classes: Steve reports that classes are now scheduled and will be posted to website. Short discussion of dates, instructors and related points.

•           Audio Transfers: Steve reports that David Vasquez is prepared for first post onto web of transferred program ET.  Discussion about audio quality vs bandwidth and possibility that David may need help with project.

•           BARHOF Voting:  Tabled as member David Jackson not present.

•           Building Purchase:  Jaime reports that there have been no changes to report as slow progress of ICBC BK proceedings must run their course before subject can be re-opened.

•           Chairs, refrigerator, dehumidifier; Steve reports 50 new folding chairs have been ordered and are coming next week.  Fridge and dehumidifier purchases have been approved but not ordered yet by Steve.

•           Planning and Estate for July auction; Steve reports that thumb drive full of photos of of radios being delivered for consignment sale has arrived and he and Richard Watts concur that there may not be a lot worth selling at auction. Al l these items have been appraised and Steve is waiting for this information.

•           Working Displays:  Scott has not been able to address project of having crystal and battery sets restored to working condition.  He reports Gilles is building a distribution head for powering sets in the TV room and but one for radio room more difficult due to various voltages needed by old radios.  General discussion of possible solutions and what finished project may look like.  Tom suggests purchasing separate battery eliminators and will look into pricing options.  Discussion of creating a display of later vintage sets (non-crystal or battery) and possible recreation of a vintage work station or home setting featuring working sets.   Jaime suggests purchase of SST transmitter for meets and functions at KRE that can either play pre-recorded, internet or other content produced live at KRE.  Scott to test a signal generator at KRE; a positive result triggering purchase and installation of SST.

New Business

 •           Treasurer’s and Membership report.  Reported by Richard Watts that renewal payments are very slow this year.  Discussion of conducting another ‘reminder’ mailing as reminder; discussion of mailing journal to all members in spite of current or unpaid status;  Philip to conduct mailing of Journals to ‘late renewal members’ with special insert; Jaime to conduct mailing  Journals to ‘current’ members.  Scott questions whether auto-renewals can be set up with member’s bank accounts and clubs; Richard thinks may be possible.  Richard describes how he’s integrated the various CHRS accounts into various  QuickBooks categories  (from Quicken) and presents list of same for approval. Discussion of posting Richards’ reports on site but determination made to just advise members to contact Board if they have questions regarding CHRS financials

•           Sacramento and Central Valley Chapter (CVC); Steve reports on very active chapter with regular meetings, events and pot lucks.

•           Journal: CHRS Spring/Summer 2012 issue has been completed and samples distributed to Board.   Will be mailed this week to membership.

•           Website Comments:  Mike reports on integrating SOWP website into CHRS one. Also on changing of slideshow on CHRS Home Page.  Video of his presentation on Lee DeForest now posted.  Also links to Amazon for his book and John Schneider’s to be implemented.  Discussion of possible use of fulfillment service (no resolutions) and CHRS’s portion of sales of Schneider book.  Tom requests restoration articles for website.  Jaime suggests increasing links with other collecting clubs.

•           Oxnard Radios: Jaime and Philip to possibly coordinate May 1 visit to SoCal to pick up ‘Baby Stratosphere’ radio and drive back.

•           Schneider book sales:  Steve reports 22 books sold at recent Legends luncheon.

•           Will Rayment book:  tabled as Bart Lee not present and is point person.

•           Stratosphere Society; Discussion of various plaques for various levels of donations to CHRS.  Steve can order plaques.

•           Coleman Project Radios and Storage: Steve says most of storage goes to JC parts/project sets.  Discussion of possible disposition alternatives.   Determined that eventually these to be sorted and those sets that are relatively complete but unassembled can be sold at KRE meets.  Jaime suggests purchase of display ad in ARC to expedite sale of JC radios and this was approved.

•           Alameda Flea Market: Seth Arp has offered to sell JC radios at Alameda Flea Market and this prospect discussed.  Determined that SA to be advised against this as projected sales not worth the required investment of money and effort.

•           SOWP update; Steve K reports that SOWP ‘s treasury of $9,000 is to be transferred to CHRS treasury and he has been advised by family to expedite this due to age of SOWP treasurer. Discussion of SOWP website being co-housed by company providing CHRS site.  Mike to check with Max on this.

•           History San Jose; Steve reports on collectable transmitter being sold by HSJ to private collector without first consulting with CHRS in contravention of verbal agreement to do so.  Determined that a letter from Steve thanking HSJ for past donations and reminding HSJ that CHRS continues to display artifacts and interested in more HSJ divestitures.

Motion to Adjourn (JA) 2:20 PM

Seconded (PM).

Motion Passed.

Future Business/Action Items:

 1.         Scott:

(1) To test Signal Generator as precursor to possible SST transmitter purchase.


2.         Steve:

(1) To order refrigerator and dehumidifier.

(2) Draft letter to History San Jose     regarding their future divestitures and CHRS’ continued        interest in them.

(3) To remind SOWP of transfer of $9,000 treasury to CHRS.


3.         Tom:

(1) To price possible purchase of 10 battery eliminators for battery sets on display.


4.         Jaime:

(1) To place display ad in ARC for radio-attic page.

(2) Possible purchase of SST Transmitter based on Scott’s test.

(3) Co-ordinate with Philip on possible joint trip to SoCal May 1st.

(4) Mail journals to current members.


5.         Philip:

(1) mail journals to ‘non-current’ members.

(2) to coordinate with Steve on creation           of levels of Stratosphere Society and required             plaques.

6.         Mike:

(1) to speak with Max regarding moving hosting of SOWP website to same service as         CHRS.