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COMING SOON! the new and improved W6CF

Writes Denny, AE6C: Radio Central has an 11’x11′ room dedicated to W6CF. Soon, the Shack will begin to take shape. The old water-stained carpet will be pulled, cement surface sealed, and then new flooring laid down. We already have a new window, sheet rock, ground system, and new electrical outlets (including 240VAC for a linear amp). Our current plans call for a long continuous operating surface that will comprise multiple vintage operating positions. Guest operators will be able to pick the period of equipment they wish to operate and we’ll rotate equipment to keep in fresh and interesting. We will have VHF/UHF too, using modern equipment. Shelves will hold some nice examples of vintage equipment, especially working receivers. Antennas are planned for the roof (wires, J-poles and a small beam) pending city approval. We will be active on all the bands.

The W6CF Shack is designed for socializing and a role in the education of wireless communication history. We seek hams, ham wannabes, shortwave listeners, and interested visitors of any background. W6CF will be a friendly active place in Radio Central. Grab a cup of coffee in the nearby kitchen and flip on a favorite receiver. Stay tuned as we make steady progress on the Shack. Email Denny AE6C for details

Listen to “Bart Lee, Godfather of Ham Radio.” | Read Bart’s Experimenters on a New Amateur Band | View the the ARRL contest calendar | Historical W6CF QSL

The Society of Wireless Pioneers nets: Dick Singer K6KSG​​ is the current net control station. The SoWP nets run on Thursdays: 20 meter net, 14055 KHz, is at 1100 eastern time, 40 meter net, 7052 KHz, is at 2200 eastern time. The SOWP is a program of CHRS. Bob Rydzewski is organizing and digitizing the SoWP archives

In the video, W6CF on the air for the first time from CHRS Radio Central,  Denny  Monticelli, AE6C, at the key, in QSO with K6KPH, Bolinas/Marshall on the 100th Anniversary of KPH, 26 IV 14, 13:30 +- PDT.

Thanks to the Yasme Foundation for their donations to CHRS in honor of Jim Maxwell and W6CF | The 2003 CHRS Charles Herrold Award for outstanding achievement in the preservation and documentation of early radio was presented to Trudy Maxwell.

(photo: Bart Lee, K6VK,  at the desk of W6CF as it was in Berkeley) The CHRS / W6CF amateur radio station now in Alameda CA, was once the very active station of James Maxwell, the West Coast Director of the American Radio Relay League, A.R.R.L.  In honor of Jim’s achievements in amateur radio, and in honor of his memory, Trudy Maxwell bequeathed Jim’s entire station to us, along with his extensive library.

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