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The California Historical Radio Society has a number of collections of paper research materials available to view on a limited basis for scholars and researchers. On this page are links to content. Contact Bart Lee for more information.

The CHRS Library — Primarily David Harris and Hil Hampton, with help, have organized something over 10,000 magazines and maybe 1,000 books, since CHRS’s KRE days: 350 shelves full, more or less. Figure 70% magazines and 30% books.  Closer examination will make for better calculations, but to be conservative, the library holds at least 10,000 organized vintage radio magazines and as many as 1,000 organized vintage radio books, a complete amateur radio collection and the like. Download the main library PDF

Another major collection is being digitized by Robert Rydzewski, the Society of Wireless Pioneers

I.   After appropriate consultation, here are the
1) Shelf stable (e.g., bound) books and magazines, etc. go on the shelves and nothing else goes on the shelves or the floor, and nothing above the shelves (a fire-safety regulation). Anything not shelf-stable (e.g., single sheets) and everything before 1920 goes into the Archives, on the upper level. Staff will arrange work spaces.
2) NO LIQUIDS in the library, no coffee, no soda, no water; the same for the Archives, because we have an obligation to protect what we deem appropriate to preserve. leave them all outside the doors, please.
3) No office machines in the library: office machines such as scanners, printers and computers belong in the new office, or near but not in the Archives. Library and archive space is limited and office work is distracting to staff.
 II.        Thanks to all for saving the library from the flood! (as well as the rest of RadioCentral!)  We have a great and well-organized library because of the work of Hil Hampton and Dave Harris. (After appropriate consultation, they will join, as Assistant Librarians, new Deputy Librarian Judith Girardi.)
III.           On Tuesday a week before Radio Day, I de-cluttered the library — because there was lots of post-flood debris left in it, and various heavy objects had taken shelter in it to keep dry.  I moved many (too many) heavy objects out to the gallery space.  The rest of the junque got moved out and away on Saturday the week before Radio Day.  Then the floors needed to be cleaned, and they got cleaned. Thanks to all who helped!

“Yesterday, I made efficient and fruitful use of the Library.  I was looking for information on a new eBay purchase (a Leeds and Northrup 4286 Kelvin Bridge Ohmmeter).

I quickly found the “Measurement” shelf, and a couple of textbooks describing this unique Double Kelvin / Double Slidewire  Bridge.  I sat in one of the comfy-chairs, and used one of the book-carts to sort through the material.  So I totally appreciated how clean and organized everything was.”

John Stuart

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