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Hammarlund SP-600 Restoration – By John Staples W6BM

Hammarlund SP-600 Restoration – by John Staples W6BM

The Hammarlund SP-600 JX-17 is an example of a laboratory-grade HF receiver dating from the early 1950s. Indeed a “boat anchor”, the SP-600 line was built to the R274 military specification, which also included the receiver that became the Hallicrafters SX-73.

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  1. I had one about 15 years ago, I do not recall it being very sensitive, but it was different in its mechanical tuning mechanism and availabile crystal control; a glorious receiver!

  2. These are amazing receivers. I have two JX-14’s (the best of the SP-600s IMHO…) that took me 2 years to restore, working in my spare time instead of steadily. I will not part with them for any amount or offer or consider any trade for modern equipment. They have no equal, except maybe for the Collins R390-A, which is another amazing receiver in its own right.

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