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Sinclair MTV-1 Micro-TV Restoration – By John Staples W6BM

Sinclair MTV-1 Micro-TV Restoration – by John Staples W6BM

After restoring the world’s largest B&W TV, the monumental 1952 30 inch DuMont Royal Sovereign, I restored the world’s smallest TV, a 1978 2 inch Sinclair MTV-1 pocket TV. This hand-held TV, produced in England, features both European and American TV standards, an internal battery pack of 4 NiCads, and a 2-inch CRT.

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  1. Hello,

    thanks for this article…I have a broken MTV1 and I want to try to repair it. But how can I get the chassis outside? The problem is the foot of the antenna…

    Can you explain me the secret of that?

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