Radio Day By The Bay: LIVE! at KRE is Saturday – Also KVTO is SOLD

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IT’S THIS SATURDAY! – Schedule below


If you love radio, please save this date: Saturday, July 20th. This is the annual event that brings the Broadcast Legends together with the California Historical Radio Society and its’ Bay Area Radio Museum and Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame for a full day of radio fun.

We gather at the historic KRE radio station building at the foot of Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, home of the CHRS Radio Museum and Bay Area radio Hall of Fame. The gates open at 9 AM with vintage 78s played from our 1950s radio control room.

The show starts at 10 AM. Again this year, our Master of Ceremonies will be the very popular Morning News Man, KCBS – AM’s Stan Bunger. We begin with our live auction of vintage radios, ham gear, test equipment and other classic electronics. The auction will be divided into 3 sections. This year our Special Guest auctioneer will be former KFOG News Director and current KGO – AM’s Evening News Man, Peter Finch.

Are you ready for a live radio show? Well, The Broadcast Legends Old Time Radio Players will present, “The Lone Ranger’s Origin.” This program originally aired on June 30th, 1948. Don’t miss this presentation as we learn how the legend of the Lone Ranger began. And as always the Legends will present a newscast from past, which let’s us see how good, or bad, we have it today.

If you enjoy vintage live jazz music, we have that too. We will proudly present the Joyful Noise Jazz Band. They specialize in jazz music of the 1920s, ‘30s, and 1940s jazz in the style of Lu Watters. Lu Watters was very a popular jazz musician who played and recorded at KRE in the ‘40s.

Radio celebrities will be interviewed for CHRS’ Living History Series by KGO-TV News anchor, Cheryl Jennings. Cheryl will be speaking with newly retired Stan Burford, BARHOF Class of 2012, Ben Fong-Torres, BARHOF Class of 2010, Rosie Allen & Terry McGovern, BARHOF Class of 2008. Interviews will be conducted in our vintage radio control room and can be viewed live in our upstairs conference room.

Ben Fong-Torres will announce the inductees for the 2013 Class of the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame.

We will have the Jive 95 KSAN Reunion – Scoop Nisker, Bonnie Simmons, Terry McGovern, Ben Fong-Torres, Richard Gossett, Kenny Wardell and Jim Draper will get together to reminisce about the good old days at Jive 95 KSAN. They will also sign copies of the very groovy KSAN’s LIVE JIVE CD. What you’ll hear on LIVE JIVE  #1 is historic musical rarities from the late 1960‘s and 1970‘s by some of the most important musical artists of a generation, as heard on the definitive free-form FM rock station: Santana, The Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Jesse Colin Young and many more. You can buy your copy at Radio Day. Proceeds from LIVE JIVE will go to the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics.

If that’s not enough, we will have a salute to the 40th anniversary of American Graffiti, featuring Terry McGovern and cars used in the movie. In 1972 George Lucas used the KRE building to film the Richard Dreyfuss and Wolfman Jack scenes for the movie, which was released in 1973. Watch the scenes filmed at KRE on vintage 30” DuMont Royal Sovereign television set.

But wait… there’s more! We offer a great barbeque lunch, beverages and the CHRS bake sale. Announcement of the 2013 CHRS Volunteer of the Year. A big hit is our Antique Electronics Flea Market. We have tours of the CHRS Museum and Radio Hall of Fame. Discover Amateur Radio with W6CF, the Jim Maxwell station. Our raffle will have some great prizes. And look for some special surprises throughout the day.

This whole day devoted to all things radio is just a $5 donation at the gate. Children under 12, free. For the auction catalog, please click here.

Event Contact: Steve Kushman, (415) 821-7671.     Email -

Basic Schedule:

  • 09:00 – Gate Opens – 78s from the control room
  • 10:00 – Welcome Announcements – Silent Mikes & Keys – Sheila Rene Archives – Auction Seg. 1
  • 10:15 – *Ben Fong-Torres interview w/ Cheryl Jennings
  • 11:15 – Stan Bunger w/ Terry McGovern, “American Graffiti”
  • 11:20 – Announcement of Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2013
  • 11:25 – 1948 News & “The Origin of the Lone Ranger” – The Broadcast Legends
  • 11:55 – Auction Seg. 2
  • 12:01 – *Terry McGovern interview w/Cheryl
  • 12:45 – *Rosie Allen interview w/ Cheryl
  • 12:55 – Jive 95 Reunion – Nisker, Simmons, Gossett, Fong-Torres, McGovern, Wardell, Draper
  •  1:05 – Joyful Noise Jazz band
  • 1:30 – *Stan Burford interview w/ Cheryl
  • 1:50 – Volunteer of the Year – Auction Seg. 3
  • 3:00 – Good Bye!       * These events held inside the building

Here is a Radio Day 2013 Event Flyer PDF for you to download, print and post… everywhere. Thank You! Just click on the flyer below.

Radio Day 2013 new art 2A

The KRE PURCHASE – The following prepared statement by the CHRS Board of Directors was presented during the CHRS General meeting, June 1st at KRE:

“We have been informed that KVTO has been sold. Early indications are that the successful bidder is not inclined to sell the building to CHRS at this time. The investor toured the building with a commercial real estate agent May 28th and has implied that they intend to assess the best use of the property and the building in the coming months. This is an unexpected turn of events. CHRS is setting up a meeting with the new owner to discuss our future at 601 Ashby. We will keep you informed.”

To our valued Members, friends and supporters of The California Historical Radio Society, The Bay Area Radio Museum, The Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame and The Society Of Wireless Pioneers:

A wise man named Paul Bourbin, who saved CHRS from extinction many years ago, has told us for a long time, “you have to own it.” He is referring to the building and land that houses a museum. How correct Paul is and what a lesson we are now learning. Well we tried, and at this moment in time the chances of us owning this property are slim. This may change. For the last year we have been operating and making decisions based on the best information we have been given. The circumstances that would have allowed us to buy KRE at this time were completely out of CHRS’ control.

Are we disappointed, of course. Are we giving up on securing a permanent home for CHRS, of course NOT. It has been a privilege and a rare opportunity that not many groups have had to be headquartered in a historic building, rent free for almost 10 years. Until we have a meeting with the new owner, we do not know how much longer we will be at 601 Ashby. While we may be there for a long time, we just don’t know for sure right now. What we do know, is how important it is to protect and preserve our museum collection. These artifacts are the heart of what CHRS is about. We do know how important it is to have a secure and safe place for the Maxwell Library, the CHRS and SOWP Archives. A place where discarded radios are made to come alive again. A place to gather and exchange ideas and information. A place for W6CF to operate. A place to teach and learn about radio’s history and its’ importance in the Bay Area. And a place to celebrate the luminaries who make up the Bay Area Radio Hall Of Fame.

The new owner may yet offer to allow us to stay beyond our current license which ends this September. However, we must look to the long run, be prepared, and begin an ernest search for our own permanent home. To this end we have a new Board of Director’s Sub-committee comprised of Directors Philip Monego and Tom Bonomo with assistance from Dennis Monticelli. This committee’s task is to scout out possible future locations for the CHRS Headquarters and Museum. It is vitally important for CHRS to secure a permanent location to continue our activities relating to radio preservation and history. Many of you may have ideas or connections for a new location. If you do please email them to Tom Bonomo or Philip Monego.

Our dream location is in the Central Bay Area. Our dream building is historic, single story, 6,000 to 12,000 or more square feet and is secure. Our dream parking lot will fit 100 or more cars. Our budget now is almost $690,000+, unless someone wants to donate a property to CHRS for a nice tax write off. We can not lose momentum in our fundraising efforts and our constant pursuit of historical preservation. We have been assured by our 3 members who have made $100K pledges and others, that they have confidence in CHRS’ ability to find a permanent home, so their pledges will remain. We hope this holds true for all reading this.

This past year has been quite an experience for CHRS. You all have shown overwhelming support and confidence in our efforts to raise funds for a permanent location devoted to radio. CHRS would not be the fine organization it is today without your support. The door is not closing right now. But, if and when does close, another one will open giving CHRS limitless possibilities for a bright future.

Now we must focus on Radio Day By The Bay 2013 and make this July 20th’s event, the best ever!

I’m always available and do appreciate your comments.

Best Regards, Steve Kushman

(415) 203-2747

REMEMBER – You can pledge now, but you need not send any funds until we need them. CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE.

TODAY’S UPDATE – June 5th– We started with $93,000 in our Museum Fund last June, and today we have 263 donations and pledges totaling $689,290! THANK YOU! Our goal is $750,000+. Holy Cow, we have already raised nearly three quarters of a million dollars! It’s downhill from here. We have done so well, please dig deeper and make this happen! We should be able to raise the rest with your help and support.


SUPER DONORS – The list keeps growing. You can be part of it! EVERY pledge and donation means a great deal to CHRS. But it is worth noting several pledges / donations that are really helping us to reach our goal:

  • Mike & Barbara Adams – $5,000
  • Jack Bethards – $5,000
  • Bert Buss – $5,000
  • Elmo & Kim Giovanetti – $5,000
  • Eugene & Marianne Haller – $5,000
  • Steve & Janice Kushman – $5,000
  • Chip Lim – $5,000
  • Robert & Reina Swart – $5,000
  • Verne Anderson – $10,000
  • Judy Mears & Bart Lee – $10,000
  • Larry & Joan Drees – $16,600
  • Norm Howard Lehfeldt – $15,000
  • Tom & Julie Bonomo – $25,000
  • Tom Nelson – $25,000 + $25,000
  • George Patterson – $25,000
  • Gilles Vrignaud – $25,000
  • Norman Leal – $75,000
  • Philip Monego – $100,000
  • Scott Robinson – $100,000
  • John Staples – $100,000

Thank You! The response to our cause has been phenomenal! CHRS / BARM Members and Friends have done a terrific job so far, but we’re not done yet. We’ve done something in a very short time that other organizations can only dream about. We have been getting pledges and donations from all over the country. In addition to our Super Donors, (see above), some noteworthy pledges have come in from:

  • The CHRS Central Valley Chapter – $3750
  • The Alabama Historical Radio Society – $1000
  • The SF Bay Area SBE Chapter 40 – $1000
  • The Sacramento SBE Chapter 43 – $1000
  • The Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club – $1000
  • The Art Deco Society of California – $500
  • The Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club – $1000
  • The Iowa Antique Radio Club and Historical Society – $500
  • The Tube Collectors Association, Inc. – $1000
  • The Oakland Radio Communication Association – $250

We are grateful to each and every person and organization supporting our efforts. Everyone who donates will have their name on a plaque in our CHRS building. Please remember to mention our plight to friends, family and people you meet. You never know where our angels may come from. Speaking of angels, people have been asking if Mr. George Lucas has offered to help. So far… no. Can anyone reach out to him? Please do.  CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE


DONATED ORIGINAL RADIO ART FOR SALE – Here’s aother way to help. Local talented artist Patrick O’Connell has donated 4 of his original radio art paintings to us to help raise money for our cause. These are beautiful, stylish original acrylic paintings on wood. “Radio Head” and “TV Head” are framed and measure 18″ x 24″. We are asking $500 apiece for these. “AM Radio – Fins” and “AM Radio – Grille Cloth” are approximately 15″ wide and we are asking $150 apiece for these. Of course, if you love them and want to offer more, we will accept more.The paintings can be picked up at KRE. We are grateful to Patrick for his fine donations. The original art does not have the green CHRS across the front. If you are interesred in this art PLEASE CLICK HERE.



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10 Responses to “Radio Day By The Bay: LIVE! at KRE is Saturday – Also KVTO is SOLD”

  1. Dee Haynes June 12, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    I am asking the board members of our club, The Alabama Historical Radio Society, to
    donate 1000 dollars toward your purchase. I feel sure that the answer will be yes.
    I will be in touch in a few days.

    Dee Haynes

    • steve June 13, 2012 at 11:09 am #

      Hello Dee,

      Please convey our sincere thanks to the AHRS for your offer to donate $1000 to CHRS. We think it’s extremely important to preserve radio and radio history and CHRS is so fortunate to be in the perfect place to do this. To purchase this building is to establish a site to celebrate radio in perpetuity. The radio collectors community has shown and continues to show great support for our efforts to buy KRE.

      So again we say Thank You for your pledge and support. And when any AHRS members are on the West Coast, please contact us ahead of time and we will set you up with a great tour of the CHRS Museum.

      Best Regards,
      Steve Kushman, CHRS President

    • Dale Tucker July 2, 2012 at 7:39 pm #

      Hello Dee,

      Thanks very much for your generous donation. Although I’m a native Ohioan I do have fond memories of the almost two years I spent at WABB in Moblie. I was the PD for the late Bernie Dittman’s stations in the latter sixties. Truly fell in love with the city and it’s people.

  2. Robin June 23, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Even if you can’t afford to donate, please spread the word about this… use any of the several social media links above, print out and distribute one or both of the two pdf flyers also available above, email anyone you might think would want to know about this, even write a letter to the editor of any newspaper you happen to read. Thanks!

  3. Bob Matheson July 18, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    I doubt I’m the only one who entered a career in broadcasting as a result of growing up with the radio stations in the Bay Area. From being KCSM-TV’s first student cameraman to retiring as the Director of Broadcasting at the American Forces Network IAFN) Broadcast Center) It was the best career I could have ever hoped for. And being asked by Red Blanchard’s daughter to write Red’s Obituary was the greatest honor I’ll ever enjoy.
    I thought of the stations I listened to most as a kid, and decided my first contribution to save the CHRS would be $740 because of the incredible influence Red Blanchard had on my career. But then I thought that’s not enough, so Emperor Gene Nelson got the nod, and I’m proud to have pitched in with $1,260.
    OK, the rest of you…get off your butt and put your money where your heart is, in the memory of those early days of broadcasting in the Bay Area. Russ Hodges, Don Sherwood, Ira Blue and many others are counting on you!!

  4. Noma Graehl July 26, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Where are all those KROW listeners and personalities from the 1950′s? Many of early bay area radio people started there. Phyllis Diller, Rod McCueon, Sherwood, Vernon Alley, Russ Coglin, Don Barksdale, Pat Henry, Dick Whittington; several of those names alone could buy the station for you!

  5. Dave Sutherland August 27, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    Hi, Guys …I’ve just sent an appeal to the board of the New England Antique Radio Club for a donation. And, I know this sounds dumb, have you gotten any air time on any of the Bay Area stations to plead for your cause? Radio Gets Results.

  6. Joe September 18, 2012 at 7:59 am #

    Great support Super Donors! Congratulations


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